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Master the Telephone

Do people who call your office feel welcome? Is it easy for them to get their issues sorted? What’s their perception of your organization after the call is over?

Telephones are the most frequently used tools in almost every business. Even if you already have experienced people in your front-line, ensuing that they are frequently refreshing their skills will keep them at the top of their game. For new hires, not knowing how to deal with customers on the phone is a deal breaker. Often when someone calls your company, it’s their first point of contact, and you don’t get a chance for a do-over. First impressions count.

Knowing how to use the phone to your advantage is especially important to office professionals, particularly receptionists, personal assistants or customer service representatives. But with so much time spent now texting and instant messaging, we might be more accustomed to the abruptness of “BRB” than the subtle art of asking someone to “hold.” And while email and social media have become useful business communication tools, nothing beats a one-on-one conversation. Online, you have time to think about your response. In-person, and on the phone, you have to be prepared. There’s no time to think, or click “unsend.”

Ensure that your people have the telephone skills and etiquette to deliver an exceptional experience for every caller. This practical course will prepare your team to:

For just $29 per trainee, you can make certain that you, or your team, can use simple techniques to provide the highest level of service with every call. The course consists of 21 practical lessons, each followed by a quiz and video review. It’s been designed to provide “learning nudges” that make it easy to retain and recall the material. You’ll be amazed at how uncomplicated it can be to have people love calling your company.

Here are some reviews

  1. Nikki

    April 2019

    The information received was very useful and can be helpful in any customer service based jobs, not only via telephone interactions but even in person interactions.

  2. Deanna

    March 2018

    This exercise gave me the ability to strengthen my telephone communication skills with not just my customers, but my colleagues as well.

Course by André Bello

I’ll be your Atomic Communications Guru for this course. But this course is more than just communication—it’s about service excellence. These simple lessons will help you to build your reputation as a trusted professional, who can be relied on to get the job done, while still being friendly and helpful. Read more »


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