Atomic Gurus

We know that learning can take time and effort

  1. Quick but complete

    Each online course consists of a series of micro lessons supported by short videos, interactive content and worksheets. We don't want you to spend hours learning. We focus on key principles that will deliver the greatest impact. If you can find 10 minutes a day, you can improve.

  2. Any device. Anywhere

    Complete lessons wherever you are. All of our content is mobile-ready, and is as easy to follow on your phone, as it is on your computer. You'll simply need to be connected to the web. Nothing to download. You choose when and where to go through the lessons.

  3. Put your new skills to work

    Practice makes perfect, but you will have techniques that you can apply immediately. Our emphasis is on practical methods developed by practicing Gurus. We'll move beyond the theory, and share actions that have been proven to work in real-world situations.

"André illustrates more clearly what we mean by a ‘mutual-gains approach to negotiation’ than one hundred repetitions of the theory could accomplish on their own."

- Professor Lawrence Susskind, Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School

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