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One of the most significant problems that can arise when it comes to teamwork is when employees hold back on effort. This can manifest in a variety of ways, such as a lack of engagement, low motivation, and poor productivity. If unchecked, it can create a toxic work environment that is detrimental to both the individuals involved and the organisation as a whole.

This course was designed to tap into the discretionary effort that employees are willing to make when they feel a sense of belonging and meaning in their work. Through a combination of interactive activities and group discussions, we will explore practical tools and techniques to create a positive and productive team environment. By the end of this course, your team will be driven to go above and beyond their job requirements, while avoiding burnout from stress. Our mission is to have participants enjoy a sense of fulfilment from their daily tasks and accomplishments.


Decades of research have demonstrated the power of nudges — increments of information that encourage people to take small actions. In this course, a series of timed, concise lessons are sent via email using the Atomic Gurus platform to keep ideas and frameworks at the top of the learner’s mind and increase the likelihood that they’ll actually be used.


You can expect improved team dynamics, communication, and increased productivity. Additionally, participants should experience a higher level of motivation, better stress management, and greater fulfilment and 
meaning from their daily tasks at work.

Start now to unlock your team’s full potential.

Here are some reviews

  1. Karen

    March 2024

    I think it is a great assessment tool.

  2. Jesse

    February 2024

    If there is problems doing this excercise can help

  3. Chanda

    February 2024

    It gave very useful information, however it was a bit of a "burden" knowing it had to be done and either I had to fit in the time to watch the videos or I had to stay on a few minutes to watch them.......literally an added task. In saying that it was helpful and can only make us improve as an individual.

  4. Krystel

    February 2024

    this short course introduces great coping mechanisms. it also helps to strengthen existing ones as it is backed by knowledge as to why you may do a certain thing. it also encourages growth not only in the workplace but personally. it is really helpful!

  5. Savitri

    November 2023

    It is very practical and relevant.

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Course by André Bello

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