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How we support HR professionals

At Atomic Gurus, we believe in packing the most relevant takeaways from our content in the smallest amount of time. We know you're busy. So here's the 5-point summary of this page:

  1. HR professionals are being asked to do more—with less!
  2. Taking talent development online is a highly effective way to do this.
  3. But, creating engaging content that learners enjoy is not as easy as delivering live workshops.
  4. This is our specialty. We're uniquely experienced and qualified to help you.
  5. You might find courses we've already created that are perfect—or we can help you produce your own.

Who could ever have imagined the challenges that HR managers face in 2020 with COVID-19

At the end of 2019, most HR professionals were focused on their usual priorities of talent recruitment and development, championing the corporate culture and keeping pace with the changing nature of job roles driven by the 4th Industrial Revolution. Then came COVID-19. Your concerns are now cost reductions, the mental health and well-being of your people, managing remote work and employee engagement—all within a state of high uncertainty. Your role has become more critical than ever!

Many of you have been looking for ways to make your training programmes have a greater impact—with a smaller budget. You've been thinking about ways to deliver more content online and have started researching Learning Management Systems and digital assessment tools. The good news is that you have loads to choose from. At Atomic Gurus, we were encouraged by the number of alternatives available when we started this search ourselves. We found that the biggest hurdle that our clients shared with us is the conversion of their "live workshop" material into a format that would be just as powerful online. That isn't easy and if you were overdependent on text-filled PowerPoint slides in real life, you will soon discover that it's not simply a matter of recreating that same content for self-paced, digital learning.

We will be creating courses on Atomic Gurus based on our own subject matter expertise. You can get started quickly if you see content that we have on offer that fits your team development objectives. You'll find many FREE options to start with. On the other hand, we are also here to help you take your existing training material online. We're a full production house offering copywriting, graphic design, video production and editing. We can also host and manage your content on Atomic Gurus, that includes discussion boards, quizzes and polls, review and certification.

We are fully committed to helping you get more done during tough times. We can help with leadership coaching or team facilitation, both online and in-person. We've done extensive work in solving the challenges of leadership in the region, gathering insights at our "Stella Leadership" site. This has led to our unique 5-part leadership model. In addition, our "Happy Workdays" research is helping to identify the key drivers of employee well-being and mental health, so please reach out if this is an issue at all for you personally or your company.

More than anything, we are hasty to acknowledge any problems that we don't think are our areas of expertise. Our team is made up of highly experienced business coaches, advertising and marketing mavens, our chief software engineer and guided by our in-house clinical psychologist. If there's any way we can help you, we'll bring you the very best :-)

Thanks a lot!
André Bello | Founder of Atomic Gurus Inc.