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About André Bello

André created Atomic Gurus as a learning platform for busy people. He has spent over 30 years developing practical ways to improve your performance through small nudges in your behavior. Your decision to improve yourself can be difficult. It can be challenging to dedicate the necessary time to learn something new, then committing the effort to build positive new habits.

To seamlessly fit into your daily schedule while still delivering powerful results, Atomic Gurus is built on these three core principles:

**1) You shouldn’t have to go to your lessons. They should come to you.

  1. You can fit 10 minutes into your day to improve yourself.
  2. You should be clear on the key takeaway from each lesson.**

André has come to this moment as a textbook “generalist.” He started as a zoologist, earned his MBA, then built a progressive career in sales, service and marketing. His focus has been on driving revenue in the fields of pharmaceuticals, finance and aviation. He is the founder of the consulting company, GET Inc., and currently, he serves as the Caribbean Commercial Manager for one of the world’s most loved brands, Virgin Atlantic Airways.

André is certified in the areas of customer service and loyalty by Satmetrix, as a NetPromoter® Associate, and by the Service Quality Institute, as a coach and facilitator. He has written several books in the fields of negotiation, creativity and storytelling. Professor Lawrence Susskind, of the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School says of André in the foreword of his negotiation book, “The Sword & The Spirit:”

“André Bello has worked in a number of different business settings. He has obviously listened very carefully and learned a lot from his colleagues, clients, supervisors, and probably almost everyone else he has encountered along the way. There’s no other way to explain his unparalleled ability to capture the multidimensionality and nuance of the give-and-take of negotiations. He is a storyteller par excellence, but a storyteller on a mission. He wants everyone to be a better negotiator.”

André has literally given hundreds of keynote speeches and workshops to companies and organizations around the globe. He uses storytelling and humor to help his audiences gain a deep understanding of the subjects he covers. His main goal is to ensure that learners gain functional tools that can help them succeed from “day one.” He has also done extensive work in the field of leadership, as a co-founder of the Stella Leadership assessment tool. André is especially skilled at facilitating strategy sessions, allowing leadership teams to have a unified approach to their plans for the future.

For his latest project, André has joined forces with his GET Inc. co-founder, Frances Bello, to research and improve the state of happiness in the Caribbean workplace. Frances is a Clinical Psychologist and brings a depth of expertise on the science of happiness at work, mindfulness, and stress management for high-performing professionals. Their “Happy Workdays” workshop has received high praise from participants across the region.

If you have a few minutes, you can see André in action on the TEDx stage in the video below. He talks about using micro-actions to drive behavioral change. If you have big dreams for yourself, he will encourage you to “spot your dot”. To quote, “Aim in the direction of your vision, with a mindset of experimentation. Find something small that you can start with, and that you can repeat easily, then see where the journey takes you.”

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