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Compete vs Cooperate

You have a natural style to dealmaking—and the people who know you are all familiar with it. You might be super competitive (and never get invited to games night) or ultra-agreeable and often find yourself wondering if you were taken advantage of—after a deal is done. Competitive people can find themselves going hard for the win, at the cost of relationships, while cooperative folk can feel like they never get what they are due.

Even DURING a negotiation we sometimes realise that our approach isn’t necessarily the best one but habits are hard to break and we often stick with the style that we’re most comfortable with. It’s generally AFTER the deal that, in hindsight, we recognise that maybe we should have done things differently and by then, it’s often too late. It’s not easy to make adjustments to your approach in the middle of a conversation—especially if emotions are involved. You can get “locked-in” to a combative position and stick to your guns even in light of new information that should change your mind. Or “zone out” when facing someone who is being contentious and just let them get their way.

I don’t think that the best way to show you how to overcome this is with a lecture on decision-making theory. You should get to experiment with different strategies and see for yourself how making slight adjustments can have an impact on the outcomes of your deals. I’m offering this FREE short course to help you take control of this simple decision, that you’ll face in every negotiation you’re in—should I cooperate or compete? You’ll play multiple rounds of a brilliant simulation created by developer, Nicky Case, that will let you explore exactly what happens when you decide which direction to go when facing different types of negotiators.

Most of all, this is a course about trust. You will learn more about the role trust plays in your long-term success and why some people who break the faith others can have in them for short-term gains, may NOT be winners after all. Sign up now, and face your future negotiations with confidence. You’ll have some fun and learn a simple three-step strategy that is time-tested to bring you lasting results.

Course by André Bello

André created this simulation as a FREE add-on to his negotiation course, The Sword & the Spirit—a remastering of his original negotiation skills workshop that he has delivered to thousands of participants around the world since 2005. He developed this instructional approach after completing the executive education program, “Teaching Negotiation in the Organization” at the Program on Negotiation (PON) at Harvard Law School. André was honored to have been invited to present his unique storytelling methodology at the conference “New Trends in Negotiation Training.” This international forum was held by Harvard Law School’s Program on Negotiation and ESSEC’s Institute for Research and Education on Negotiation in Europe, and attracted some of the leading thinkers in the field. Read more...

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