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If you work in a restaurant or bar, the idea of service isn't new to you. You already think of your job as a service-oriented profession. But do you consider yourself a salesperson? Probably not as much.

Yet, your customers come to your establishment ready to buy! They have already decided to spend money with you the moment they walk through your door. And you have an enormous amount of influence on what they choose to buy and how much they spend.

But often, you take a passive approach to their business and fail to recognise that a restaurant or bar isn't simply a place to eat or drink but a place for your customers to have an experience centred around the location, ambience, vibe, friends, and yes... the food. You make it happen for them based on your understanding of what they're looking for, making recommendations that will delight them and then delivering products with the highest level of service.

There are three approaches you can take to this business:

1. Service approach. Give them what they ask for.
2. Suggestion selling. Suggest what you think they would like.
3. Recommendation selling. Learn more about them through conversations, then make recommendations based on what you've learned.

This course is designed to help you master the third approach... recommendation selling. You will learn how to build meaningful connections with your customers and sell the right products to the right people at the right time. As a result, not only will your sales increase but your customers will be blown away by how well you understand them and your effort to make their experience as enjoyable as possible.

This approach goes beyond simple satisfaction. This builds lasting relationships, loyal customers and ultimately, greater revenue in the long term.

It's time to start practising recommendation selling with this simple but powerful course.

Here are some reviews

  1. Kinna

    August 2022

    It was definitely informative

  2. Jeran

    July 2022

    interactive and very infomative

  3. Lerom

    July 2022

    The main reason for my score is the simplicity of the course and it being easily accessible through modern technology.

  4. Tanya

    July 2022

    It was extremely helpful and it helped me build my confidence to form conversations with my guest

  5. Ashanti

    July 2022

    It Help Me Alot And Ii Learned From It.

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Course by André Bello

André has designed this course by pulling the most practical aspects of his 30 years of sales management and coaching experience and applying it to the hospitality industry. This isn't about sales theory. This is about simple step by step actions that become the habits of success for customer-facing servers who want to earn more.

You'll be guided through each lesson by Jenny, our A.I. trainer, and have the option to upgrade to our in-person Practice Studio workshops, facilitated by André and Brendon Mckenzie. Brendon is the Managing Director of Outpost Beach Bar & Lounge and an experienced event planner and hospitality operator. (This is the online course only and does not include the Practice Studio). Read more...


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