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The Method of Selling

Method [meth-uh d]

A procedure, technique, or way of doing something, especially in accordance with a definite plan:

“The method of selling”

Here’s how most salespeople begin their careers. They join the company and get some initial product training. Then they hit the road, or the phones, and start talking to potential customers. They make presentations on the product, and take orders if people decide to buy.

A few salespeople find that they have a natural affinity for selling, and through trial and error, discover some techniques that work for them. On the other hand, the majority get frustrated and find that they are working extremely hard and not generating enough business. If they earn commission, they start to wonder if they should look for a more stable salary in another career.

Here’s the problem. People don’t need your help to learn about your product anymore. They can do their own research or ask their friends. And as more information becomes easily accessible on their fingertips, the power shifts to the customer, who can find all the details on both your, and your competitors’ products in a flash.

Master salespeople have already figured this out. They know that they have to spend more time identifying and solving problems than “pitching product.” But that requires a different approach to what worked in the past. This new approach, I call, “The Method.” Without a method, you’ll get pulled into the easy but ineffective habit of pitching your product and waiting for a yes or no. You won’t see the missed opportunities to solve problems your prospects didn’t even know they had. With the Method, you’ll have predictable and repeatable results that transform your sales career into that of a trusted advisor to your customers. In addition, you will allocate your time and energy to the people you can help the most. All the while winning more business.

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